The East of England is a region is home to one of the most vibrant and globally recognised hotbeds for innovation and technology, contributing significantly to the economic prosperity of the UK. Exemplas Trade Services are committed to helping these regional businesses connect with technology and media opportunities all over the world.

East of England Technology Taskforce

Our East of England Technology Taskforce has been put together to support technology businesses through the development and implementation of proactive initiatives designed to add value for our clients. It is one of just four Taskforces in Exemplas Trade Services.

Events and initiatives

The East of England Technology Taskforce organises events and initiatives both in the UK and overseas markets to help drive the international sales of technology companies in the region. They include:

  • International Broadcast Convention (IBC) 2019 initiative
    • The Taskforce recognised year’s IBC in Amsterdam as a chance to showcase technology brands from the region that may not be able to justify the full cost of exhibiting. The exhibition package offered allowed businesses to continue their day to day operations back in the East of England while the trade show was in progress, saving them time and money. Members of the Technology Taskforce represented the brands on the pod, with any potential leads collected sent straight back to the businesses for them to follow up. This year’s showcased brands from the region included cable suppliers Belcom Cables; satellite services company Global Teleports; LED lighting manufacturer Pulsar Lighting, audio watermarking technology provider Intrasonics and printed wiring manufacturer Printech Circuit Laboratories.

Success stories

    • Tacit Sims
      • Education software firm Tacit Sim, based in Bedfordshire, share their exporting success story and explain how we have helped them continue to grow their business into Hong Kong and beyond. Read full story here.
    • Universal Smart Cards
      • Hertfordshire based technology company Universal Smart Cards explain how they successfully took their product to the USA with our support. Read full story here.

Export Champions


The East of England has 3 Export Champions from the Technology sector who will be happy to offer export help, guidance and support based on their experiences as international exporters. They are: