Strengthen your business in overseas markets

If you have already seen the benefits of selling your products or services overseas, we can help you to identify potential opportunities for further growth.

Whether you’re looking to strengthen sales in a country where you already have a presence, or you want to introduce your product into a new international market, our network is well equipped to guide you in the process.


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If you’re a regular exporter our experienced advisers can help identify new international opportunities to push your global reach further.

Book a meeting to receive free, expert advice on how to strengthen your international expansion strategy.

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Market research

When planning to sell in a new country it is essential you research and understand the market, even if you've had substantial experience doing business globally in the past.

Our team can assist you with your research, putting you in contact with representatives around the world and signposting you to workshops.

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Export opportunities

Explore the latest export opportunities and pitch your company to overseas buyers who are looking for your products and services.

The Department for International Trade work with their global network to alert you to opportunities that become available and match your offering with international demand.

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