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Mapping Opportunity: Understanding African Regions

4th February 2021 @ 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Africa offers a wealth of opportunities for UK exporters, but when faced with 54 differing nations, how do you choose the countries to include in your export strategy?

With GDP growth tripling since 2000 and 9 African nations appearing on the top 15 fastest growing economies in the world, it is understandable why Africa is becoming a target market for many UK exporters. But as the continent is comprised of 54 unique countries, you will need to examine which one is right for your business.

The Department for International Trade in the East of England have joined with Bolaji Sofoluwe from the ETK group to discuss how you can assess the suitability of various African markets for your business.

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Topics which will be covered include:

  • Understanding the variation between African regions
  • British competitiveness by region
  • Country-specific sector opportunities
  • Planning your market entry
  • Conducting a market readiness survey: Is the market ready for your
    product or service? Is your product or service ready for that market?

Why join this webinar?

This webinar will help you identify the key factors to consider and how to include African countries in your export plan. Determining which markets to include in your export strategy does not need to be daunting.