The Department for International Trade’s (DIT) Internationalisation Fund (funded by the European Regional Development Fund) is now available for eligible East of England businesses. Match-funded grants of between £1,000 and £9,000 are available for future activity (subject to eligibility, availability and approval).

Eligible Expenditure:

(but not exclusively limited to)

  • Consultancy and other international commercial services
  • Overseas Trade Shows
  • Intellectual Property rights advice
  • Translation services
  • International social media/SEO
  • Trade fairs
  • Independent market visits

Application for the grant needs to be made before commitment to business activity.

You can receive up to 50% funding of the total cost for the chosen expenditure.

Is your business eligible?

  • International High Growth Potential with prospects of employment growth or productivity improvement.
  • A product or service suitable for international trade, or which could be developed for international trade and see international trade as a path for growth
  • £500k+ sales/turnover (those with lower sales/turnover with high export potential are eligible)
  • No more than 25% of the business is owned by an enterprise which is not a SME
  • Annual turnover does not exceed €50 million or annual balance sheet does not exceed €43 million


  • Ineligible Sectors: steel, coal (primary production), shipbuilding, synthetic fibres, transport and related infrastructure, energy generation, distribution & infrastructure, primary agricultural production, financial and insurance institutions, schools/school age educational establishments, nuclear, airport infrastructure, fisheries, aquaculture, tobacco
  • Ineligible companies include those: likely to transfer operations overseas, with products that could cause offence or embarrassment to the UK Government, offering illegal products, breaching export controls
  • Ineligible expenditure: production/operational costs, direct subsidies, routine expenditure, capital expenditure, salary/employment costs, purchase of assets
  • Activities not supported include: DIT’s Overseas Market Introduction Service (OMIS), transport and logistics, packaging production, export insurance, export documentation services, sales agent’s commission, export training leading to qualifications, warehousing, assets such as Intellectual Property, standards or accreditations, eCommerce platform registration fees, production of sales collateral

Express your interest in funding

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Please note, if you have already expressed your interest, you will not have to enter your details again. We are keeping a record of your submission and will send you more information and instructions soon.

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