Digital marketing is one of the most effective tools to attract international customers and is great way to test the water in new markets overseas.

E-Commerce workshop series

We regularly host free workshops to help you strengthen your digital and e-commerce strategy, covering a range of topics including Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click Advertising, Google Analytics and Social Media. Sessions are often hosted collaboratively with local digital marketing specialists and offer delegates hands on introductions and advice to the vital aspects of e-commerce.

An example of the workshops we offer:
  • Increase Overseas Sales through E-Commerce
  • Capturing International Opportunities with Google Analytics
  • Pay Per Click Advertising – Increasing your visibility
  • Amazon Marketing and Content Success
  • Improve and Internationalise your SEO Strategy
  • Grow your business with Social Media

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Digital Adviser support

Our specialist Digital Advisers have experience of the tools needed to export your product or service online. Whether you are looking to drive overseas sales using social media campaigns, wanting to export to a specific country but not sure of the appropriate online marketplace, or are just starting your export journey and are unsure how to take your first digital steps, our Advisers are able to help.

Get in touch with us today and learn how you can boost your international sales with the support of our Digital Advisers.

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