New HM Trade Commissioner supporting UK businesses trade with Europe

DIT’s new HM Trade Commissioner for Europe, Richard Burn, shares how he will lead DIT’s local teams to help UK businesses trade with the region.

“I am sad to be leaving my role as Her Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for China after three exciting years – and especially in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis – but delighted to have been appointed Trade Commissioner for Europe on an interim basis.”

“The focus of my strategy over the past few years has been on market access – identifying the regulatory barriers in the sectors with the greatest opportunities for UK business, such as financial and professional services, education, green technology, mobility, energy, life sciences and healthcare, food and drink, and working with business to develop the plans to mitigate or remove them.

“All European countries will remain critically important trading partners for the UK, as we agree a new trading relationship with the EU. The mission of DIT across the Europe region will be to help British businesses succeed in the new trading environment and to build an ambitious level of inward investment.

“Our strategy remains the same but with a new focus: helping companies to trade again after the pandemic, encouraging inward investment and ensuring free and open markets for British companies in Europe.

“I look forward to getting out and working with colleagues and businesses across Europe to this end.”

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