Department for International Trade contacts 160k businesses with message of support

The Department for International Trade (DIT) contacted 160,000 businesses to let them know what support is available to help them respond to the Coronavirus outbreak.

International Trade Advisers are reaching out to businesses across the country to provide advice on keeping trade flowing. Advisers from Exemplas Trade Services are helping businesses in the East of England navigate the support available, working closely with DIT to ensure businesses access the support that they need.

Here is a transcript of the letter sent to businesses:

Dear Sir/Madam,

As the UK goes through this unprecedented period, the Department for International Trade is committed to standing behind businesses and is asking businesses to do their best to stand behind their workers.

We understand that as a business owner or employee, you may be concerned about the impact of coronavirus (Covid-19) on your business, your colleagues and employees.

The Government is supporting businesses and employees through a package of measures to help manage the impact of coronavirus (Covid-19).

These measures include financial support packages for businesses and support for employees’ wages.

UK Export Finance (UKEF) has also expanded the scope of its Export Insurance Policy (EXIP) meaning UK businesses will now be eligible to secure export insurance cover to all major markets.

You should now:

1. Visit the Business Support website for more information about these and additional measures and support available to your business. This website will continue to be updated with the latest information.

2. Pay particular attention to the guidance for employees, employers and businesses which is being updated regularly with the latest advice.

3. Read the guidance for UK businesses trading internationally.

4. Take steps to protect yourself and others.

Remember, stay at home, protect our NHS, save lives.